” The future of food is found in the ocean,” said Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Well, that future has arrived!

For a little over a decade, Marine Phytoplankton has been cultivated for human consumption, offering a much-needed alternative to traditional sources of omega-3.

Phytoplankton is rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, particularly eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for human health, contributing to cardiovascular and cognitive well-being.

We absolutely love our plankton and consider it an essential part of our diet! If you want to learn more about this fascinating algae, feel free to roam this website! 

Why Marine Phytoplankton Is Truly Awesome!

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Phytoplankton Vegan Caps

180 x 500mg

Capsules are by far the easiest way to take Phytoplankton! Just take them with a few sips of water and you’re done! Also handy for traveling or if you have little time! Easy does it!


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Phytoplankton Powder

100 Gram

Makes any smoothie green in an instant! But of course, it can also just be mixed with some water. The taste of our Phytoplankton is smooth and pleasant. A world of difference from some other sources!

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1 KG Bulk Bag


This value pack is the best choice if you have become more serious about your algae consumption and you like to share it with friends and family. Enthusiasm about using our Phytoplankton is inevitable!

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Marine Phytoplankton is what we like to call Pure Algae Awesomeness! It is the single wholefood algae supplement that is an absolute NO BRAINER for everybody on a plant-based or plant-rich diet!

Phytoplankton will provide you with a wide spectrum of nutritional building blocks

EPA is brain food

Omega-3 fatty acid  EPA has been shown to improve cognitive performance with a reduction in neural activity observed, indicating that the brain , while performing better, is actually working ‘less hard’, report researchers from Australia.

Anti oxidants for anti-aging

Antioxidants are nature’s way of protecting the body and cells from damaging free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that are generated for instance by sun exposure, stress and as part of the natural aging process.

Iodine for energy

Iodine is a mineral required for optimal immune function and also for energy production. The thyroid gland manufactures thyroid hormone from iodine and tyrosine. Unfortunately iodine deficiency is extremely common. About 75% of people don’t get enough iodine from their diet.






Mother nature’s multi vitamin

Providing optimal nutritional value for you and your family.

With all the pollution, physical and emotional stress, medicine use  and frequently an inadequate diet,  it is so important to give your body the essentials it needs to protect itself. .Even though the body does produce some vitamins, it produces no minerals.

In fact there are nine amino acids, two fatty acids, thirteen vitamins and fifteen minerals that are considered essential nutrients and we need to get them from our diet.

Unfortunately  9 out of 10 people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables and eat too many highly processed and sugar-laden foods.

So nutrient dense superfoods like spirulina, chlorella and phytoplankton are certainly no unnecessary luxury!

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Our goal is to keep the Essentials affordable

Although phytoplankton is still relatively expensive compared to other algae like Chlorella and Spirulina, it used to be and with many vendors still is alot more expensive. We do offer the best price on the market and

scientifically Approved

Trusted By Doctors, Athletes and Health Conscious People around the World

Whether you are an athlete, yogi, a busy mother of two, a student or running your own business, everybody performs and feels better when when our diet is nutritionally sufficient.

In the busy world of today,  superfoods like marine phytoplankton are both an easy and an adequate way to meet our nutritional requirements.

  • Omega 3 100% 100%
  • VItamin B 80% 80%
  • VItamin C 60% 60%
  • VItamin D 20% 20%
  • iodine 100% 100%
  • VItamin B12 100% 100%
‘I have been taking Marine Phytoplankton powder for a little over a year now and I don’t think I will ever go back. It’s really part of my basic nutritional routine. I take my algae powders, blend them all up and I’m good to go!

It’s nice to have


– Alisha Tara Delacruz

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