The BS on MFP

Don’t believe the Hype!

There is an enormous amount of BS floating around the web on marine phytoplankton. We will not insult you with that.

When shopping for marine phytoplankton there are a few things to be aware of:    


  •  Don’t buy dropper bottles from any brand. You may be only getting 1500mg (1,5 gram) of phytplankton. For your reference:at $40 dollars a piece that’s $26,6 per gram = $26,6000 per kg!  Now this may be an excellent business model,  but is of zero value  for you, the consumer.
  • Buy only 100% pure nannochloropsis powder, capsules or tablets.  Accept no fillers, binders, preservatives or any kind of  additives to your algae supplement!
  • A certificate of analysis (COA) should always be presented, at least upon request. This will not only give you a complete nutritional breakdown of the product, but will also assure you that heavy metal content is within safety limits and that there are no toxins present.
  • Make sure that the producer is abolutely clear on the drying method. No excessive heat should be used when drying marine phytoplankton. This will lead to a significant loss in vital nutrients. So freeze drying or thermal drying using low temperature are preferred over spray drying!
  • How much bang am I getting for my buck? General consumer prices up to now were and in many places still are around €1 euro per gram. We are now able to offer you our high quality phytopklankton for € 0,33 cents per gram. The minimum recommended daily  intake is 4 grams. Four grams  translates into 240mg of EPA daily. The daily recommended dose is 220mg. So for €1.30,- you’re getting you daily fix. That’s half the price of a cup of coffee at your local coffeehouse.


We love algae and we certainly dig marine phytoplankton!  

You won’t find any outlandish nonsense here about this humble algae.

But we will share some random BS about phytoplankton that we stumbled upon:

  • Marine Phytoplankton contains every known vitamin and mineral…”   –That ofcourse is a pretty bold statement. And simply inaccurate.  Although phytoplankton is highly nutritious, it contains 8 of the 13 essential vitamins and 8 out 0f 16 essential minerals.

“1500mg of marine phytoplankton, in a 2ounce/60ml bottle – highly concentrated and highly potent!”    – Although 1500  may sound like alot we are really only talking 1,5 gram of marine phytoplankton. This is far from concentrated and highly potent considering 2ml is the recommended daily dose. Not even the whole dropper will get you enough for the day.

  • “It is especially rich in the vital Omega-3 fatty acids Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)”.This is  inaccurateAlthough phytoplankton does contain EPA and EPA is converted in our body into DHA, it doesn’t actually contain significant levels of DHA

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